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Dates and Rates


2024 Session Dates and Tuition

Session Date Price
7 week session June 26 to August 13 $12,550
3-1/2 week session (ages 8-11) June 26 to July 21 or July 22 to August 13 $7,750
3-1/2 week session (ages 12-14) June 28 to July 21 or July 22 to August 13 $9,100
Senior Club June 23 to August 13 $7,750

7 week session
June 26 to August 13: $12,550

3.5 week session (ages 8-11)
June 26 to July 21 or
July 22 to August 13: $7,750

3.5 week session (Ages 12-14)
June 28 to July 21 or
July 22 to August 13: $9,100

Senior Club
June 23 to August 13: $7,750

Pricing & Availability subject to change without notice.

Tuition Details

With few exceptions (see Additional Charges), our tuition is all-inclusive. This includes all meals and snacks, weekly laundry service, and all activities except certain elective Upper and Upper Middle Campus trips (campers aged 13-15).

A $1,000 deposit is due with the camper application. This deposit is applied to the tuition and is non-refundable after January 1st. The next installment of 50% of tuition balance is due no later than March 1st. The remaining tuition balance, plus any extra fees, is due no later than May 1st.

Parents will receive a statement detailing all charges and payments received at the end of August.

Additional Fees


Parents are responsible for arranging transportation to and from camp. For your convenience, Agawam offers chaperoned transportation at an additional cost.

    • Bus: To or from Union, NJ $220.00 To or from Westport, CT $210.00 To or from Lexington, MA $180.00
    • Airport: To or from Portland International Jetport (PWM) $100.00

Miscellaneous Charges

To minimize additional charges, a $300 deposit will be added to tuition to fund each camper's Personal Account, used to pay for the following:

    • Book Fair purchases
    • Charges at the camp store (which stocks necessities such as writing pads, pencils, pens, stamps, envelopes, toothbrushes and toothpaste, deodorant, batteries, postcards, etc.)
    • Charges for longer trips such as Acadia, Allagash Canoe Trip, Rangeley Lakes, Mt. Katahdin and Mt. Washington, Imp/Carter, Moosehead
    • Eyeglass repair
    • Tennis racket restringing
    • Postage for packages mailed home
    • Shipping luggage at the end of camp

A full accounting of such expenses is provided at the end of the camp season, and any money not spent will be refunded.

Cancellation & Refund Policies

If enrollment is cancelled after January 1, the $1000 deposit will not be refunded.

During the summer, if a camper leaves camp by mutual agreement with the camp director for health or adjustment reasons, tuition will be returned on a pro-rated basis.

If a camper leaves of his own choice, or for failing to follow camp rules, no refund of his tuition will be made.

Senior Club

The Senior Club summer is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for former Agawam campers who have completed their 15-year-old summer. Intended to bridge the gap between camper and counselor, the program combines the best elements of the camper experience with essential learning and staff training needed to become a strong, capable Camp Agawam counselor. At the end of their Senior Club summer, boys will have gained experience in cabin counseling and teaching; strengthened their leadership and work ethic; and acquired hard skills such as lifeguard training and wilderness first aid certification.